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Why Ranching?

An experiential ranch operations training program found only in Laramie, Wyoming.

Jim Mathis, the President of WyoTech, has been involved in ranching since the age of 14. This led him to WyoTech in the 1970’s where he learned the mechanical side of ranch equipment, inspiring him to own his own cattle ranches. Jim spent countless years using the wisdom from the ranch in his business dealings and managing people. The professional and personal development lessons learned on a ranch is a passion Jim brings in this one of a kind program alongside the day-to-day, hands-on experience required to maintain a ranch over the course of a year.

WyoTech’s hands-on ranching program has students eating, breathing, and sleeping, the ranch life. This will be an experience like none other, where students will be responsible for all aspects of the ranch. This will not be a typical Agriculture program, where theory leads with very little hands-on experience. This will be hands-on, with the theory being explained as you drive to and from the ranch, after feeding, when it’s too cold to be out fixing fences, or at night as you are paying the bills for the ranch.

The training will consist of the day-to-day operation of a typical Wyoming cattle ranch. The training and experiences can be adapted and used in other types of ranches and farms, but the ranches are in Wyoming and training adapted to the ranch(es) we are responsible for.